Monday, 24 November 2014

Lucky 6 is coming to town Lets start winning

India is a country where we pray to Goddess Lakshmi for wealth .As she is the goddess who bestows her devotees with wealth and prosperity.
It is an anecdote that once there was a man who started praying to goddess Lakshmi for wealth. Years passed by without any result. He increased the intensity of his prayers .
Then one day Goddess Lakshmi appeared before him. He asked her as to why he had not benefited from his prayers as he had not become rich . To this the goddess replied that she blesses only those who try their luck. At least he could have tried his luck at a game of chance or a lottery only then she could have rewarded him with wealth and riches.
            Just like in the story, we are at the threshold of an opportunity to win cash and big prizes.. This opportunity has come to us in the form of a game called Lucky 6 which is brought by

The good part is that all we need to play this game is our mobile phone.The app can be downloaded and installed from the website

 At the time of writing this post the app can be installed on an android or an ios phone.
What makes this opportunity very compelling is the fact that this game is simple to play . It does not require reading some extensive instructions or rules. It is based on common brands that we come across in our day to day lives .

The six reasons to play Lucky 6

These are popular  brands that everyone knows off.
It is a very easy game to play

What makes this game very enticing is the fact that unlike buying a lottery we do not have to spend any money. It is completely free of any costs. Money is not all that we win .


There are also mega prizes and jackpots to be won. Prizes also include holiday packages.

One can maximize the chances of winning by telling and referring friends and family about the game. When a person installs the app on his or her mobile device and while registering enters the referrer’s details. Then the referrers also wins a prize when that person wins.
This is a boon for people who want to try their luck. This game gives them many opportunities to win just play and try your luck. If you are lucky then you win. However when you refer friends and family and when they play and when any one of them gets lucky and wins then you automatically win.
Challenge your  friends and up the competition factor

It is a win-win situation for all.
Most people are fascinated by lotteries . When we hear that someone has won a big jackpot we think and wish that we could be the next one.The good part is that we do not  have to go anywhere to play this game as at is a anytime anywhere game played on our mobile device.  The game is free of any cost. It only involves click on icons of  well known brands. We need to select six brands and if their stock is highest on the game day, the player wins.This game is very interesting and absorbing and would capture the attention of all those who love playing games and earning rewards and winning prizes. Another very interesting feature is that one can challenge our friends to play and compete.

Steps to install and play the game
1) Down the app 
Visit and download the app on your mobile phone or other compatible device.

2) Installed app would look like this


3) The first time user needs to register

Enter email
Choose a Nickname
Enter details of the person who referred you (optional)
Select a passcode.

4) Respond to the confirmation email in your inbox

5) Login to app with email and passcode

6) The user can select the Lucky 6 icon to play

7) Make Brand Selection 
The next screen will show lots of brands listed. The player should make a pick of six brands.
Wait for game day. The Player whose chosen stocks show the highest value rise is declared the winner.

So what are you waiting for ? Get started wit Lucky 6 and start winning.

All images have been taken from and app snapshots have been created with the help of the fatcat.apk app.

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