Thursday, 18 December 2014

A Magical Vacation

I am of the view that no vacation is complete without children . Their energy and curiosity is infectious. They ask questions about even little things and have an eye for detail and a unique perspective about almost every thing. They want to explore new things and form an opinion after exploring ,collecting facts and analyzing. That’s the reason I prefer to go on family vacations to places that have plenty to explore. Places that have open spaces and if these places have natural surroundings like gardens,beaches,and hills  they get extra brownie points from me as a choice of a vacation spot with kids.

Activity center's for kids where they can learn new things in a playful way does catch my attention. However activities in which kids as well as parents can participate together would definitely be at the top of my list. The reason for this is the magic that is created when parents and children do an activity together. Actually these vacation moments invariably become the highlight and the most cherished moments of the vacations. The magic happens when children and parents spend time together away from the hustle and bustle and the grind of their daily life. What ever they do together is a great way to know each other and strengthen the trust. An activity as simple as lying with your child on a hammock and read out a story under the blue sky, or running after butterflies together with your little daughter can be magical. This is my take on a magical vacation. Another aspect is when children can be given a safe care free environment to explore the surroundings. They learn a thing or two in  the new location. Maybe just be one with nature or explore a new sport or just a game of carom with a new friend and when we are witness to their moment of growth as an independent individual that creates magic and makes the vacation magical . Another aspect of making a magical vacation with kids is when we can just let them be what they are that is kids. Let them run on the merry go round or that swing. Make houses in the sand or play with water anything that they fancy without the risk of any bodily harm. Being witness to their playful activities and seeing them enjoy while we are either reading a book or walking hand in hand with one's spouse can bring about the magic in a vacation. For me the magic of a vacation also starts when the child in me comes out and enjoys ,explores and unwinds with the children . It is like reliving childhood once again. Doing things that we used to do and even those that we never got to do. When we do all this with our children . It becomes magical and precious for them as well as for us.

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