Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Micromax Canvas Tab P666 will make my new year resolution come true

My resolution for 2015 is to see all the movies in my list that I have created over the years.I am a movie buff who is passionate about movies .  I have always wanted to watch all the classics from Guru Dutts Pyasa to Raj kapoors Mera Naam joker, the list is endless  that includes Gone with the wind and Sound of Music.However lack of time always acts like a spanner in the wheel.Watching movies requires being in front of your TV for a few hours.However with a busy work schedule I am unable to take out this time as even weekends are spent completing the backlog of household chores.As a result the list of movies that I wish to see keeps getting longer and longer.It looks like that this year all that is going to change and my new year resolution of watching all my favourite Hollywood and Bollywood movies specially the classics is going to see the day of light.Thanks to the Micromx Canvas Tab P666 with a Intel atom processor  inside. Actually the mark of Intel  gives it a power to open all the apps in a jiffy.The Micromax designed exterior gives it a sleek look and makes it the most sought after gadget of the year 2015. It has a 20.32 cm i.e. 8 inch WXGA IPS Display that will bring the movies alive on screen. The Intel’s graphic media accelerator inside this tab comes with a promise of fast rendering and bringing a smooth display. And the 800X1280 screen resolution that will make watching movies on this tab a memorable experience. The best part is that I can watch the movies on the go. Its long lasting battery is designed to give an uninterrupted usage thanks to the  4400 mAh battery capacity with a 15 hour talk time and 325 hours standby time. The Intel Atom 1.2 GHZ processor would ensure that this Micromax Canvas Tab P666  would remain a powerful device not just to watch movies but also to play games.  Luckily it has the Android KitKat 4.4.2 as the operating system  will make all my apps run smoothly on this new tab of mine.  It has a rear 5 mega pixel camera and a 2 megapixel  front camera . This will enable me to indulge in video chatting .Wow now I will be able to discuss the movies that I watch with my friends or better still invite my friends over to watch the movies with me.  This tablet has a 3.99 GB of internal storage for the apps and the phone and expandable memory can be extended to 32 GB. This would enable me  to store a large number of movies on the expandable  memory . Even better is the fact that me and my friends can maintain a library of movies on our respective memory card of the TAB and when we have watched all the movies we can just Swap the memory cards and see the new set of movies. With my new Micromax Canvas Tab P666  its time to make my resolution come true.

You can get more info about the device here


  1. Hope you watch more movies this year :)
    I always end up watching too many movies every year, I should probably have a resolution to watch less movies and do more work :D With event of tab, I tend to watch even more :p
    Happy New Year :)

  2. I suggest you not to watch movies on a tablet - that may not be the best thing for your eyes. A larger monitor or TV is a better option. However, it should be fine to occasionally indulge in it :)

    Destination Infinity