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The places to see before its time to say goodbye

Whenever travel planning is done there are lots of details have to be taken into consideration. The prime topics are booking the tickets and a place to stay. Even before we book our tickets we search for options of the various places which are available to us as tourist. There are many hotels, bread & breakfast lodges available all over the world but there is always an apprehension about  the quality and the service we would get. The ideal situation would be if we could have a house wherever we go. The next best solution is provided by Airbnb which is a community marketplace of people willing to rent out their homes in full or in part. The other part of this community are travellers who wish to use these properties for the listed price. This marketplace connects the two via mobile or online. It is a vast community which offers over 34000 listings in over 34,000 cities spread over 190 + countries. To get a head start in your next stay use this link to get Rs 1545 i.e about $25 as my contribution towards your next stay booked through Airbnb
London is one of the most expensive cities  to stay in .However it is the top destination for any world traveller. For Indians it holds a special charm. The queens palace, the London bridge and the big Ben hold a special charm for me. Living in a home in the heart of London would be a dream stay. So I have chosen this partrticular apartment as it was the workplace of the famous English author Charles Dickens.

 In this very place he founded the magazine ‘All The Year Round’ in which he used to publish his stories.
This apartment is a prime location property in central London.
It is an apartment with two beds and can accommodate four people .
This apartment has one bedroom furnished with a king size bed. The original chimney  breasts with mantle remind you of its old world charm. Its big windows from the floor to the ceiling give ample view of the shops and cafes .

 It comes with a kitchen equipped with oven, dishwasher, refrigerator, freezer, microwave, toaster, stove, washing machine, water kettle, and a coffee machine .Its is a fully functional kitchen with utensils cooking pots, knives and  cutlery.
The bathroom is equipped with a power shower and toilet.
The Location advantage of the property: It is situated in the heart of the Convent Garden and on its left is the 

Lyceum Theatre and to the right side is  the Royal Opera House and in front of the apartment is the quirky London Transport Museum.
More details can be found here

2) Domus Civita, a unique home rental
Civita, Lazio, Italy
Dream Stay in an Italian Hill Town at the foot of Civita di Bagnoregio

A dream home designed by its architect owners . Its a home in a town preserved in time. To access the town one has to walkover  the  footbridge . The golden  tufa rocks with its color to the cliffs and the homes and the silver basalt paved streets make the town look as if made up of silver and gold .
Civita was the home to  the philosopher Saint Bonaventure
Walking the streets of this ancient town one is sure to be transported back in time .
It is a fine example of man living in harmony with nature . This is a perfect place for a peaceful holiday
Staying at a real Italian Villa would be quite an experience .This property has three bedrooms and can accommodate up to eight guests.  
What makes this property worth considering for a stay is that it offers an interesting set of features that would help the persons staying there experience the sweet Italian lifestyle "La Dolce Vita"
The amenities include (and I quote from the listing )
A hot tub and heated pool
Formal italian garden 
Outdoor kitchen & bbcue 
Gazebo & al fresco dining 
Private wine cellar and Cheese tasting experience
Of course the biggest charm would be the view .
more details can be found here

3) Beautiful Handcrafted Cottage ,Portland, OR

I used to thing that only doll house are made like this .However the beautiful home changed my view of a comfortable stay in a wooden home away from a brick & mortar hotel.
A beautiful property in North Portland this Hand crafted cottage offers wood floors ,skylights and high end appliances to make the stay comfortable. The amenities includes a gas stove,flat TV and Wi-Fi.
The neighborhood is bike friendly . The property is very close to the bus lines, MAX line, I-5, and there is parking available.A person staying here can walk or bike to nearby Mississippi Ave district, N Williams, and Alberta neighborhoods and enjoy the food from the food carts,restaurants ,beer gardens or buy everyday need stuff from the local grocery stores 
More details can be found here

4) Unique place in the heart of Cph : Copenhagen, Capital Region of Denmark, Denmark
Looking at the picture of this Bread and Breakfast rental facility in Copenhagen Denmark, my first reaction was it is for real or am I looking at a home in a story book.
The exterior looks so inviting .It has one bedroom and can accommodate up to three people.

Its a neat and clean room with two beds and extra mattress for children. It is actually a well maintained hundred years old house. More information about this charming property can be found here

5) Traditional Egyptian Farm stay

If I were to offer you a stay on a farm or better still in an Egyptian Farm then what picture would you conjure up?
Would it be like these

Or like these?
Probably not. However these are the actual picture of a place in Alexandria, Egypt. This is a bread and breakfast facility that has six bedrooms and accommodate up to sixteen people.Staying at the farm one can enjoy riding lessons, riding holidays or farm stay holidays. It also offers SPA and treatments. This is a fully functional farm and a guest can opt for either self catered  or fully catered option in what would be probably the only agro-tourism facility in Egypt. They strive to be self sufficient and grow their own organic food for the humans and the animals on the farm.They encourage recycling and aim to reduce their carbon footprint. the guest can enjoy facilities like a swimming pool ,secluded gardens and of course fresh farm air . The entire list of amenities and more information can be found here 

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