Saturday, 24 January 2015

My bold romatic move this valentine

If I were to propose to my valentine how would I do it ? Hey this is not a hypothetical question for me. All those who are in love would agree that we look for subtle ways for declaring our love for our beloved . However when it comes to the valentine day its time to pull all stops and declare the love for your beloved in style.
 However for me it won’t be about going and giving a bouquet of flowers and expressing my feelings. For my beloved it has to be something special .Do my bold move and show my feelings for my special one. However being bold is relative I want to portray my feelings for my special one without embarrassing her or making her uncomfortable This is really important as I do not wish to bring any discomfort to her. Also knowing her for long I know that behind her tomboyish exterior lies a soft romantic to the core and  this inner beautiful person is whom I want to woo and bring out. With this intention I have thought of a series of events to surprise her. Build up the excitement and then bring forth my proposal in style.
I know how much she likes to eat a Pizza so I would get her favourite piping hot pizza delivered to her for breakfast. (Yes she actually loves to start her day with a pizza.)  However the twist would be that this would be a pizza with a half heart made on it. This would get her curious as there would be no note  to tell her who has sent her the pizza.

Next a person would deliver her favourite coffee that too will have a half heart made up of cream and chocolate. Again there would be no note or message as to who has ordered and sent her the hot brew so this will enhance her curiosity further. Now it would be time for her to go out for her morning gym and as she reverses her car an audio recording  normally plays a pre recorded  message which says watch out this car is reversing and I would have changed the message to dear Anjali (name of my valentine) someone feels you are really special and this person would be waiting for you at  sunset point at 5 P.M. Now I know two things about Anjali , one that she is a die hard romantic and  secondly she is very curious . Both these qualities would ensure that she would go to my desired destination . When she reaches the destination a series of arrows would guide her to me ,Where I would be waiting for her  with her favourite flower that is a red tulip and a cake with two separate half hearts, and I would tell her that without her my life is incomplete like the half heart and request her to be my valentine.and make my life complete.

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