Tuesday, 17 February 2015

My Bucklist the Baap of all Lists

My Bucket List of 5 things that I want to do/have that will help me live life  #BefikarUmarBhar are

1)Money Money Money: Its rightly said that money makes the mayor Go. If I have lots of money then not only will I be able to take care of my daily financial needs but also be in a better position to fulfil not only the wishes of my family but also be able to help financially all those who are in need of money. I would also have a free hand when it comes to contributing to charity. I should have so much money that I am never short of it. So money is surely at the top of my bucket list

2) My second wish has to be to own a dream house. Like a lot of Indians and people around the world I aspire to have my dream house in a posh location. It would be even better if it’s on a large plot of land with gardens and trees surrounding it. The Land around my home should be all mine in which organic fruits and vegetables would grow and my home would be powered by the solar panels and the windmills present in my adjoining farm .My home would be a self-reliant and produce enough power to enable me and my family a comfortable lifestyle with all the modern amenities and gadgets yet have zero carbon foot print .Instead the home with its solar power generators and windmills would produce excess power that it would supply back to the grid and earn me some money.

3) Wish No.3: My Car ,My Big Luxurious big car or shall I say I wish to have a number of cars. I love to drive and go on road trips so I would love to own luxurious Sports Utility Vehicle’s i.e SUV’s and off roaders. However being the environmentalist that I am I would not like to buy fuel guzzlers. Instead I would like to have customised and custom built cars for me that would be powered with the latest technologies like fuel cells and would not pollute the environment. For my day to day commute I could settle for smaller compact cars provided they have the auto drive feature built in so I do not have to deal with jostling with the traffic instead I can just sit back and enjoy my ride.

4)Wish No. 4: To See the world and travel in luxury. I see so many people from my office and even relatives traveling on holidays abroad. Most of these are on conducted tours operated by various travel agencies. My friends tell me that these trips are great when they bring back tales of travel from the foreign lands. As for me I would like to travel the world in a yacht and a personal jet. Visit all the countries that I want to and explore the lanes and by lanes of foreign cities.
Hey don’t raise an eyebrow and say that my wish list is unachievable. I have been working hard towards making it come true as I am a firm believer in hard work and the compounding power of money. Secondly we live in an era where inflation and price rise are a harsh reality and what we could buy in a 100 rupees is now available in 500 rupees. Besides my mom always says If you aim for 100% in the exams and work towards it than You may get 90-95 % or get more closer to your goal where as if you want just a first division or 60% then you might not even get there . So aiming high and working towards it diligently is important for me.

5) My 5th wish is to provide for my family a lifestyle  that I have always wanted to give them. Sustained resource for them to grow and comfort and amenities that they could possibly desire. I would very much wish this to happen for them and remain for them even when I am no longer alive.
With all these wishes fulfilled I would be able to live  #BefikarUmarBhar

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