Sunday, 1 February 2015

My Mom A lady WIth many AND'S

I have always seen my mother with the label of a housewife ,the label of a mother,a label of a wife and numerous more.She has always been either a mother or a wife or a daughter inlaw.When I was very young my mother stepped out of these labels given to her.My mother is a person who loves her individuality and creativity.To proclaim her independence  she slipped out of the different labels assigned to her.She resisted being put in different boxes.It did not mean that she was turning her face away from her responsibilities but only proving to the world that she was an individual.She was not restricted by the label of OR but her life had endless opportunities with her role of a mother AND  a teacher AND an entrepreneur.
She was offered the post of a professor, a permanent teaching assignment in a college.At that time although she wanted to accept the offer she did not do so as I was very young and needed her.Perhaps it was the label of a mother which stopped her.This did not deter her and she waited for the appropriate time to break her labels.
When I was in high school she announced that the time had come for her to break free completely from the label of OR and don the mantle of AND.For her this was a gradual break as she had started shedding her labels when she started giving group tuitions at home and at the same time started attending computer classes.She had now donned the role of a teacher AND a student And then an entrepreneur as she started jewellery business with her savings.She still has the craving to do something new and don a new AND.She has now started giving voice overs and if you think that she is going to stop here,then you are mistaken as she has a long list of AND’S

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