Sunday, 1 February 2015

Quikr NXT Chat the game changer

With the advent of online selling sites we have all started posting ads for buying and selling online. This seems a great way of getting rid of things that we no longer need .At the same time we receive some cool cash for the articles lying around at home that would just eat dust and take up space.However on the flip side posting such advertisements involves posting our personal contact details as well.What this means is that my email and my phone number is there on the internet for anyone to see and exploit.This is the biggest reason that so many of us desist from posting and selling on online sites. With Quickr Nxt our online shopping and selling experiences are coming to change.The biggest advantage of using quikr Nxt is that we know longer have to share our phone number with the world.

This makes me jump with joy as I would not be targeted by marketeers who search the web for emails and phone numbers and bombard us the consumers with junk emails,phone calls and smses.Another advantage is that I can communicate with the buyer over the chat.
Quikr has thought of protecting the privacy of the site users and launched the Quikr Nxt Chat service to connect the buyers with the sellers.I see this as a great incentive to list all my unused items on their site For me.the biggest advantages of chat over a phone are
1) I can chat anytime and anywhere. When I am in the office, doing my office work or during a board meeting I can connect with a buyer or a seller over Quikr Nxt chat feature.It is also very useful for students who can use this feature to buy and sell old books, for the women folk it provides an extra level of security..
With this tool one can communicate with multiple buyers and sellers at the same time. This saves time and money. It also saves us from straining our vocal chords by repeating the same information again and again as we connect with various buyers.

2) I find the chat tool to be less intrusive to my privacy as I can always log out of it whenever I do not wish to be disturbed unlike a phone which I have to keep on 24x7. I say this based on my personal experience when I used to get calls inquiring about a product that I wanted to sell on an online site at odd hours. The calls kept on coming even after I had removed the listing.There was nothing I could do about these calls as my number had been noted and shared, and targeted by no of marketers.The chat gives you the ability to look up the chat history and review the conversation that you have had with the buyer or the seller.Unlike a phone where I had to take notes of what was discussed with each person.

3) The third biggest reason that I prefer chat over phone is that I can share photographs during the course of the conversation.As a buyer I get a visual picture about the condition of the product by looking at these pictures and as a seller it helps me provide authentic details about the product that I want to sell this saves useful times and money for both the buyer and the seller.

Truly I can endorse The Quikr Nxt slogan NO FIKAR CHAT QUIKR

Everyone can experience the carefree buying and selling with

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