Sunday, 1 February 2015

The 3 things that I want to happen now

There are so many things that I have been wanting to do and have been putting off for the future.One of these things  is my ardent desire to be at a clean beach with the cool breeze from the sea ruffling my hair and as I am walking on the sand with the waves coming and hitting my feet gently to have that feeling of the sand quivering and giving way under my feet as the waves retreat back. With not a single worry about the future and with all my time to myself I would enjoy the sunset and sunrise with my family. With the assurance is the underlying comfort that My and the future of my family is secure. What comes in between my dream and reality is the hectic work schedule and my deadlines at work.
The second thing that I would like to do is see the world and visit all those place that I have always cherished to see and enjoy. Perhaps I could stay at the best hotels and enjoy the food at the best restaurants in the cities that I visit.
The third thing that I have be putting off for the future is joining a gym or doing regular exercise to enjoy a healthy life.I know that I have been putting off for the future one of the most important aspect of my life.As there can nothing be better than a healthy life.
All my life I have been living under a budget,so I want freedom from it and want my money to work for me and give me a rich and resplendent life.All this can come true with proper money and time management.One day surely I would have my desires fulfilled and there would be no need to keep on postponing things for the future.

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