Sunday, 22 March 2015

Finding happiness at home

Happiness is that exquisite feeling that brings a smile to your face. In this life which is always full of stress and deadlines I always like to search for opportunities that would make me smile. Thinking of the things that make me happy and bring an instant and genuine small to my face I could think of a long list of things however if I were to prioritize  then I would say when my immediate and extended family gets together it creates magic. With grandfather, my loving grandmother, my uncle and aunt. Our home fills with cacophony of sounds. To an outsider it may appear as chaos however to me these are familiar sounds of being together,of caring and sharing. Running around the house playing pranks, and pulling legs. These is so much happening. Every day and every moment that we spend together is like a festival. Its celebration of togetherness and that of being alive. Normally we all live separately and go about our lives but on weekends, holidays and festivals we get together. Sometimes we go out together to a fair that may be nearby. On other occasions we all get together cook and pack lunch in baskets and go out for picnics.Then we would spread bedsheets under trees and eat a lavish spread that we have brought from home. Sharing our food and spending this quality time brings a smile to my face. Then playing cricket with my grandfather and when he bowl me out, my insisting that I am not out and he letting me lovingly bat on while we both know that I had got out makes me smile as I feel so loved and pampered by him. I feel the most valued  moments are the ones spent with the people you love. Like going to the market with my grandfather makes me very happy as I enjoy his companionship. Then sitting together with my grandmother as she reads out jokes from the daily news paper or when I put my head on my mother’s lap and she gently caresses my face with her soft hands or runs her fingers through my hair all bring immense joy and  make me smile. Looking at the list of things I wonder that how such little things can make me smile but this is happiness and it expresses itself in the form of that a smile. I find that buying expensive or material things only makes you feel good for a moment. However the feeling of happiness and a smile that follows is like the touch of that butterfly that flutters around you and when you hold it some of its color comes on to your finger before it flies off . The feeling of happiness is similar for me. I feel happy and smile when I am able to do things for my family and bring a smile to their faces. This inadvertently brings a smile to my face as well.

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