Thursday, 5 March 2015

Our Dry and Happy Baby

Our little one is a very active baby. He is a bundle of joy and very adorable. Being a baby is hard as it can only use its body language and cries to communicate with us adults. In the beginning we used to think that it would cry only when he is hungry however then we realized that he would cry when he is in need of a feed, when he is pain or wants us to switch on the TV or the radio. Incidentally listening to the radio is one of his favorite past times. Our baby is an early riser who would get up by five thirty in the morning and make all sorts of gurgling noises to get our attention. This is the time that he would have a wet diaper and feeling discomfort would want us to change it. If we delayed the change then it would cry incessantly to draw our attention towards his discomfort. Over time we discovered that though the diaper would be dry from the outside it would be wet from the inside and as a result our little ones delicate skin would get exposed to prolonged hours of wetness. As a result there would be skin rashes ,allergies and irritation. Now we have switched to Pampers Baby Dry Pants. What it does is that the diaper uses a special technology to keep the baby dry for up to ten hours. So good is the material that it can soak up up to 5 glasses of fluid from its surface. This keeps the wetness away from the baby’s skin. It is infused with baby lotion so keeps our baby’s skin healthy. It is so easy to put on and take off that we can change it even when the baby is asleep without waking him up or disturbing his sleep. Ever since we have switched to Pampers Baby Dry Pants we have realized that our little one sleeps better and gets up fresher. As it no longer has to spend the night in wet diapers thanks to the Magic Gel technology used in these Pampers Baby Dry Pants diapers that lock away any wetness instantaneously. Now we enjoy our little ones antics even more as he points towards the radio wanting us to switch it on. Then listening to the songs he would kick the air,move around his hands and make all sorts of noises as if he is singing along or humming the songs. It is truly a delight to watch him play and grow in this happy manner. The best part is that we are relieved that our little one is free from the torture of being in a wet diaper ever since we have started using Pampers Baby Dry Pants for our baby. It means less frequent diaper changes, The baby skin lotion used in the Pampers Baby Dry Pants ensures a nice smelling,healthy, rash free ,irritation free skin for the baby. With the use of Pampers Baby Dry Pants our baby does not have to cry anymore to draw our attention towards a wet diaper. Instead it plays and sings the whole day and we have realized that our dry baby is a happy baby

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