Monday, 13 April 2015

Ads the good,bad and the ugly

Advertising can be good or bad, boring or repulsive depending upon from whose perspective you are looking at it. I remember every time during dinner time there used to be an ad for some flush cleaning agent talking about the merits of the product. When I was enjoying a delicious meal with my family I was subjected to and exposed to the sight of a dirty pot in a toilet and the sight was enough for me to lose my appetite and so I had no choice but to switch the channel or to shut down the TV. It was not bad advertising but  I would call it as bad timing as it came on the TV when it was not me alone but several other viewers in numerous homes who were also exposed to this ad which was not opportune with the timings  and some how I began to dislike the product. Then there were a series of ads showing people burning every thing made of wood such as the cot of an old man or the crutches of a physically handicapped person and this was done with the purpose of keeping the winter chill away. These ads were not at all funny or amusing and depicted a lack of sensitivity. So was an ad that showed a person finding that a coffin is made of a particular brand of wood so he changes his religion and dies just to be in a coffin made from this certain brand of ply board. Then there are the adverts that have been going on for a long time like the MDH ad with the old gentleman The Nirma soap ad and the Parle G ad with that cute faced child. Public also takes a dig at these ads and comment as follows
Nirma wali ladki badi nai hui (The young girl in the Nirma commercial has not grown up even after so many years)
Parle G wala bachha abhi tak bada hua nahin (The boy in the Parle G ad has not grown at all)
People take a dig at the next series of Nirma washing soap commercial by referring to the jingle
And saying Hema, Rekha, Jaya or Sushma. Inke alawa koi aur Nirma kharidta hi nahin.(The old commercial used to features 4 young ladies by the name of Hema,Rekha,Jaya and Sushma so people used take a dig saying that apart from these 4 ladies nobody buys and uses Nirma)
My point here is that the commercials have been unchanged for so many years that they have become like folklores making people talk about them and discuss them.
So even after being off air Internet jokes about these ads do the rounds and reinforce the brand presence .This IPL season too there would be a slew of adverts. I hope a lot of brand value would be created for the brands and provide great and better entertainment value to the viewers. Ads have become a part of our daily lives and good ads add to the entertainment quotient of the broadcast. Good ads are not only a source of entertainment for the viewers but also help to build up the brand image.

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