Sunday, 26 April 2015

Celebrating life

Ask a child what celebration gives him or her maximum happiness and you are most likely to get the answer that its  their birthday celebrations. When I was young I too felt that my birthday or better still “My Happy Birthday” used to be the occasion that gave me maximum happiness.

When I got a bit older the source of my happiness expanded and I began to celebrate major festivals ,new years parties, weddings and anniversaries , they gave me immense happiness as they meant fun time and celebration.

The food used to be good and so was the entertainment that made me feel so good.I looked forward to every invite and prepared in advance a list of clothes that I would wear and good food was always  high on my agenda I almost always used to have a mental list of items that I would like to try at a party right from the starters to the dessert every thing that was on the menu had to be tasted and savored by me . All these celebrations made me yearn for more such celebrations to happen. However these celebrations are not takeaway meals that one can just phone and order or have them delivered through an online delivery service.

Then I began to feel that the happiness and celebration in my life were limited to only a few days and occasions in the year. What if these celebration came in small packets and got delivered to me and my family everyday?

So now I celebrate that extra lap of jogging in the morning that makes me celebrate the fact that I am fit and getting into better shape.

Sitting in my balcony and reading the morning newspaper and letting the morning breeze flow into my home and my life is a great way to celebrate the beginning of the day ahead.A hearty nutritious breakfast with my loved ones in the morning is the event of the day that helps me tank up energy for the day ahead. It is also the celebration of preparedness to face the days challenges. I celebrate the moments of freedom and carefree commute to my office by listening to my favorite music in my car. I celebrate being fit by taking the stairs to my office instead of taking the lift. When I get back home in the evening I unwind by taking a dip in the heated pool that is close to my home and these swimming sessions are a celebration of a day well spent working hard at the office.

Then spending quality time with family and friends is another way to celebrate life on a day to day basis. A dinner with my family when we discuss the days events and enjoy our food together is a great way to ensure that the celebration of life continues on a daily basis without any punctuation's or stops in between.

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