Tuesday, 14 April 2015

My dil ki deal TLC

It was a sweltering summer afternoon and I was going in my office cab to an important meeting. As I adjusted myself on the rear seat trying to get maximum cool air from the car’s A.C the world seemed to melt outside with the sweltering June heat. I felt I was lucky that at least I had some respite from this sticky sweaty summer heat. Perhaps I had thanked my stars a bit too soon as just then the car came to a grinding halt. The driver tried to start the ignition once again but it would not respond. I had no option but to help him push the car to the side from the middle of the main road. Even with this little physical effort I began to sweat profusely. I was feeling the strong sun rays beating down on me and this was making standing in the sun very difficult. I asked the driver to fix the car and walked towards a nearby construction site in the hope of getting some shade. Walking a few meters only had sapped me of my energy and I felt my throat parched. All I needed now was some cold water to quench my thirst. There was no shop nearby from where I could buy a bottle of mineral water. Then suddenly it struck me that I had a bottle of water in my bag. I frantically searched for it and found it wrapped in a paper napkin buried deep inside my laptop bag. It was still cool to touch maybe due to the air conditioning of the car. Without a trace of shade even holding this cool water bottle seemed like a luxury. I opened the bottle to drink from it and quench my thirst. Just at that moment my eyes fell on two children who were sitting by the road side for I don’t know how long. Maybe much longer then I had been there. Their eyes met mine and I saw them looking in anticipation towards the bottle of water. Their parched lips seemed to tell a story of how long they had been without water. I was too thirsty and could not bother myself with such matters so to avoid their gaze I looked away and lifted my bottle of water towards my mouth. However I felt their gaze piercing me and an inner voice inside my head told me that perhaps they need this water more then I do. I turned towards them and extended my hand to give the bottle to the children. The elder of the two children who was a girl of maybe 5 or six years  eagerly grabbed the bottle from my hand I thought that she would gulp down its entire contents in one go but I was wrong. She searched and found a used paper cup and she poured some water in it and fed it to her three or four year old younger sister. The little one drank every drop of that cool water as if there was no tomorrow. Then she poured a little water for herself in the same paper cup. Looking at their satisfaction of drinking some cool water made my day and it was my Dil ki deal.
What she did next totally surprised me. She extended the remaining half of the water bottle back to me. I was bowled by her graciousness. I had been without water for only some time yet I was initially reluctant to share my water and here was a little girl who must have been in much more need of water then I was in yet she was willing to share her water with me. This acts of hers taught me the importance of sharing things that are important and precious to you. It made the dil ki deal even more precious for me.

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