Monday, 8 June 2015

SniffSniff my nose can smell love

I am a fun loving person who likes to enjoy life to the maximum. I have always liked to move in my group of friends and as a unit we have great time. When I passed out of college I got my first job in another city. I thought that the new city will have its own charm and yes I was right in this aspect. A new city meant making new acquaintances and new friends. Being friendly by nature I had no difficulty in making friends. However there comes a time when you meet someone special and it happened to me when I first saw this girl who worked on the third floor of my office though in another department. She had well chiseled features and when I saw her for the first time walking towards me wearing her long flowing white skirt and a matching polka dot top she resembled a walking Barbie doll. The only difference was her smile. Unlike a doll her smile was not plastic. Instead it was warm, So warm that it made my heart melt and I felt a strange odor surround me it was not exactly unpleasant but different . However her overall personality was so pleasing that I sort of ignored the fact that it mildly reminded me of the antiseptic used in hospital wards to disinfect. On our second encounter near the office coffee vending machine we not only exchanged a smile but also out chat handles. This time her smile and elegance was even more powerful as I did not notice any strange smell.Perhaps the strong smell of coffee inundated my sense of smell and flooded my nostrils with coffee aroma. I only remember seeing her walking away from me. The very next day I had to move to another city for a few months for an on site project. So me and my crush Alia kept in touch via chat sessions and then gradually started indulging in long conversations over phone. As the days passed we grew closer and my feelings for her became stronger. I felt that I had found my soul mate and it would be best to propose to her the moment I met her. My return to my city coincided with the company's annual dinner. As I was coming back after a long time I decided to get ready and go straight to the venue. So I dressed up and wore my favorite perfume as I wanted to not just feel good myself but also make a lasting impression on my lady love. At the venue my eyes began to ache searching for her then when she arrived in a red dress time stood still for that moment. Our eyes met and we moved to the dance floor hand in hand .We danced as if there was no tomorrow. Soon we drifted to the open space away from the office crowd. As we danced together I could feel the great chemistry that we had as we matched each others move step by step . I wanted to propose to her and looked into her eyes. My heart missed a beat when a strong whiff of air blew in my direction, I literally felt being swept off my feet. I went down on one knee not that I wanted to but because of the fact that I felt very dizzy with an underlying feeling of mild nausea. Constant dancing had made us both sweaty and whatever deo she and I had put on had evaporated or gone away with our sweat. We stood bare in front of each other with our covers blown and nothing to mask our body odors. I was madly in love with her and there was no two ways about it. However the moment of truth had arrived for me that my nose did not approve of her body odor. Its true that love is blind however my Nose knew better and disapproved of my love and sent the no go signal to my brain that instantly made me dizzy and made me back off to a safe distance from where I could take a deep breath and inhale some fresh air. I smiled and bid a dignified good night and good bye to the lady I was so keen to spend my entire life with not so long ago…

I am sharing my odour story for the ‘My Nose Knows’ contest as a part of the #SniffSniff activity at BlogAdda.

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