Sunday, 14 June 2015

The flash mob dance to recharge life

Summer is that time of the year when we like to spend more time in the office because of its efficient air conditioning .In the evening we like to visit the coolest places in the city. By coolest I mean not necessarily the most happening but instead those places that give us maximum respite from the summer heat.
In this summer season visiting the City malls to escape the summer heat is passé. 
Beyond a point the window shopping also becomes very boring. These frequent visits takes a toll on our love affair with shopping and our romance with window shopping also begins to wane .
I visit the malls for the nice food at the food court and of course some shopping but one cannot shop everyday as most people like me live on a budget. The big sparkling floor of the mall appears so inviting that I feel like dancing had it not been for the staring onlookers I would surely break into a jig and let my hair down. If I get a dance partner like Allu Arjun I could drop all my inhibitions and dance all day and night with him. The only other ingredient required would be live music.
 Without fail the first singer that would ignite the chemistry between me and Allu Arjun on the dance floor has to be Anushka Manchanda.She will be the perfect crooner belting out her high energy numbers to fuel the dance performance of Allu Arjun. I think the high energy singing and the equally high energy dance performance would not just entertain the audience but also create an irresistible foot tapping concert. 
I would love if Allu Arjun and I are part of a Flash Mob dance ritual at the mall and instead of any prerecorded music we have live high energy singing of Anushka Manchanda. It would be a casting coup of sorts. With two of my favorite high energy performers I would not know who makes me swoon more Anushka Manchanda's singing or Allu Arjun's dancing.  Such a performance would be a powerhouse of performance that would help me ,my friends and all those witnessing the event feeling entertained, revitalized and experiencing a new zeal and a fountain of fresh energy flowing thorough them.
It would be like being at an oasis after taking a journey in the desert or  better still experiencing bathing under a cool waterfall in the middle of the summer heat. This experience with its fresh approach to a concert in the form of a flash mob will add an element of freshness to the whole event.
 It would let the audience up close and personal with their favorite stars and heart throbs that are Allu Arjun and Anushka Manchanda. The freshness of the concept would bring about excitement and act like a fuel for living life with a new found zeal This is going to be my #MaxFreshMove to feel energized.

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