Monday, 15 June 2015

The sniffSniff Experience

Blogging has its own charm and moments of excitement. Now looking at the #sniffsniff activity brief I was instantly excited and interested. For it involved receiving a set of mystery packets and one had to blog about them. No wonder the Sherlock Holmes in me got all excited and fired up.
The first box arrived on the afternoon of mid June Sunday It was a blue box with #sniffsniff
written over it. I excitedly opened to and what came out of it was this

Maybe it was some kind of cryptic message

I have a hunch that it is a product that gets rid of bad odor
I went ahead and tweeted about it 

Next after the gap of one day I received another package this one was slightly heavier and when I opened it I found a bag of coffees beans. Indeed the aroma was very exciting and refreshing.
I realize that its a product that has good odor...
It made me immediately go and tweet …

The third packet in the series was no less interesting It was a flat and light box and its contents were even more interesting. It had a mask. Maybe the idea was to protect oneself from body odor by wearing this mask.
My hunch points me to the direction that the product is a Deo

The fourth pack arrived this Sunday and it contained the Nivea Men Deodorizer. 

It is a 120 ml bottle and it is clearly marked that it gas free. 

I tried the product and found the fragrance to be very refreshing. Next day I had a hectic day ahead of me So in the morning I used the deo. Even though the day was busy and I moved about a lot and shuttled between meetings and outdoor site visits I found the pleasant aroma of the deo kept me refreshed and lasted the whole day long. Despite the fact that I was exposed to the June heat of Delhi and was not limited and confined to the Airconditioned office and got more then my fair share of sweating I found the pleasantness of the deo lingered on till evening. Over all Nivea Men proved to be a very useful product and saved me from the embaressment of a body odor. I even got a few compliments for my choice of deo and quite a few of my collegues even inquired about the brand that I was wearing.
The Nivea Men Body Deodorizer gets full marks for its fragrance that is very pleasant and international
It lasted me the whole day and it got rid of any body odor which I may have got on a sweaty hot June sunny day when the temperature was 43 deg C

”I'm using my investigative skills to uncover the mystery of #SniffSniff at BlogAdda”  

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