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Dedicating a tofu dish to all the women in the world

Tofu is also known as bean curd and made by coagulating soya milk .This curd is then pressed into soft white blocks to form what we know as tofu.Tofu can be made to be soft, firm and extra firm.
It has a subtle flavor and can be used to prepare both sweet and savory dishes.
Tofu is a rich source of amino acids ,iron and calcium. Incorporating tofu in our daily lives ensures a diet rich in nutrients. Tofu being a rich source of proteins has found its place in the Buddhist form of diets.

In terms of the nutritional

Since tofu is derived from Soymilk it is a rich source of isoflavones. Isoflavones are known to have an impact on the low density lipids proteins or the bad cholesterol present in our blood. A regular diet of tofu decreases the risk of cardio vascular diseases. (source :
Over the years a number of researchers have been working on the effects of tofu on our bodies. Here are some of the finds.
-Tofu is a good source of selenium it  protects our system from colon cancer.
- Eating tofu reduces the risk of prostrate cancer amongst men
- Eating good amounts of tofu makes women 60% less likely to have ‘high risk’ breast tissues than women who eat less or do not eat tofu
- Tofu has a high dose of calcium content which is helpful by women when they reach menopause.
- Eating Tofu is effective  in slowing down the aging process.
- Tofu consumption helps retain the elasticity of the skin and tones the facial muscles which prevents aging.
- Eating Tofu is effective  during pre-menopausal stage when there is an imbalance in the oestrogen levels.
- Tofu It helps reduce hot flashes. It prevent the high bone-loss risk related to menopause
- Eating Tofu is effective in preventing rheumatoid arthritis
- Making a paste of tofu and applying it on your face is a good way to nourish the skin.
- Eating tofu helps prevent hair loss and enhances hair growth as it is a rich source of proteins and helps hair make more keratin

So much for the nutritional benefits of tofu but how to incorporate tofu in our daily diets?
I can think a number of exotic and mouth watering dishes that I can make with tofu. However the fact that eating tofu can be used by women to supplement their daily dosage of calcium, iron and amino acids.So in this post I would I to make tofu a bit more acceptable in our households by replacing cottage cheese or paneer by tofu to prepare shahi tofu just as we make the dish of shahi paneer. There can be a number of variations in making the dish .I am going to follow here a very simple method that will help me make a dish of tofu with very little preparation or cooking time.
Ingredients for making Shahi Tofu
Tofu 200 g. :This servers 3 to 4 people

A big tomato, jeera or cumin seeds, 2 cloves of garlic (optional), 1 teaspoon of grated Ginger, 1 Onion cut into small pieces(optional) ,Salt to taste. 1 spoon of olive or any other cooking oil that you use.
Dice the tofu into small cubes

Add all the ingredients except the tofu in a blender add water and blend till a uniform puree is formed.

Pour the puree in a cooking pan and add a table spoon of olive olive and let the gravy cook till it begins to simmer then add the diced tofu cubes into the hot gravy.
Put gravy in cooking pan and some cooking/olive oil

Let the gravy simmer on low heat till it is well cooked
Add tofu cubes to the simmering gravy and let it cook for a few minutes

Let the tofu cook in the simmering gravy for a few minutes .
Serve hot and enjoy as such or with bread of your choice .

Watch the video that I have created to help you understand all the steps

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