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Discovering the maxfresh moves with Taazgi ka Dhamaka and Allu Arjun

I love to dance and I am always on the lookout for some cool dance move that I can try out and if possible flaunt at the next possible opportunity.
Looking at the Taazgi Ka Dhamaka video I find it to be a very peppy song and when it comes to the dance moves it is packed with some very innovative and interesting dance moves.
Let me try to use my investigative skills and try to uncover and discover my share of MaxfreshMoves that I experience in the video.

First looking at the images from this video.
I notice this image 

and the second image from the sequence of images that create this move. 

Notice the kind of step that Allu Arjun is trying to perform

Watch carefully he has raised his collar and looking at the next image 

He is trying to dance holding his collar up . You may ask what so special about it? That is exactly my point Allu Arjun has created and performed a very simple to follow but a high energy step that is going to go viral and become a rage among st the masses just like salman khans collar move became very famous.I feel where ever one uses this step be it our dance floor,birthday party  or our college festival. It is surely going to make us popular like Allu Arjun.So before it gets seen by everyone let me try and replicate it to get some brownie points at the college fest.


Now when I look at the following image from Allu Arjun's Dance

 I find it to be easy to perform and yet has a mass appeal like the following Salman Khan pocket dance became very famous.


Just as the Salman Khan's dance moves became very popular among st the youth similarly the Allu Arjun moves would also become very popular. Since everyone carries a handkerchief  .Using a handkerchief as a prop is going to be the next big dance move just like the Amir Khan's dance move in the song Aati Kya Khandala from the movie Ghulam.

Amir Khans handkerchief dance move in the song Aati kya Khandala from the movie Ghulam took the nation by storm and everyone tried to replicate this dance step. I am sure that Allu Arjun's handkerchief dance move is also going to catch on as a trend among the youth of the nation. So whenever we want to dance and show how cool we are then this step is going to come in very handy. This step is very helpful for me as even a non dancer like me would be able to do a dance step thanks to this move. I can't wait for the next party to happen in college so that I can dance my heart out performing the Allu Arjun handkerchief dance move.

Another very interesting move that Allu Arjun performs is very graceful and catchy. It was not very long ago that South Korea's PSY compiled and danced a number of  simple but very fascinating dance steps and swept the world of dance by storm. It was a phenomenon that can be easily recreated by Allu Arjun

PSY performing the Gangnam style that became a rage the world over in no time despite the fact that the song is in Korean. Now before Allu Arjun's dance makes him world famous like PSY  (as if he is not already) Let me just try out the moves at the Jam session next weekend and who knows some one might feel it is a original dance move that I have invented ;-)
So much so for moves that are elegant and have a mass youth appeal as they stimulate everyone to emulate but we are talking about Allu Arjun who is an expert dancer who executes even the more complex dance moves with ease. I am not sure if I would ever be able to do the complex moves that follow  with the same fluidity as Allu Arjun does but I am sure the day I can do the more complex moves it would be a dream come true for me and my tribute to the Allu Arjun dancing style. I find that the entire Taazgi Ka Dhamaka video is like a inter woven mesh of Music and dance . The dance itself is both inspiring the youth to get up and dance and at the same time there are some breath taking dance moves like this 
and another one that follows and enables Allu Arjun display his agility and ability to mesmerize his audiences.

I am sure that this Taazgi Ka Dhamaka video with its cool dance and song routine is bound to be a very popular routine.  I am sure the tempo of the song and the video Taazgi Ka Dhamaka is going to be the maxfresh video of the year  packed with #MaxFreshMove(s) and is going to be very popular among the youth of the country.  

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