Thursday, 2 July 2015

Putting the 10 minute recipe to test

Our lives are getting busier day by day as a result we find little time for the little joys of life. Our lives are becoming mechanical and monotonous. Everything is becoming assembly line . Last week my boss came over for dinner with his wife. I was living alone so I had ordered all the food beforehand. During our conversation I came to know that it also happened to be the birthday of the wife of my boss which was just a day before their visit to my place.Not to miss this opportunity I decided to score some brownie points . I thought of ordering a birthday cake for her so I called up the local bakery and that’s the time I realized that it was the weekly off for the  local market. As it seemed that my plan was going to go kaput I tried to search online and order a cake delivery scheduled . Trying to place the order I realized that the bakery offering online delivery was at the other side of the city and as they bake and serve fresh products it needed at least 3 to 4 hours for the delivery to be executed. By chance I happened to reach the page
I was surprised to find that a cake can be baked in a short span of ten minutes. Since I have an open kitchen I started the process of making the cake with an attempt to bake a cake and also get in the good books of my boss.
The first step to cook anything are the ingredients. I had to check if I had everything with me .
The ingredients required were
250ml (140g) cake flour
    250ml (220g) castor sugar
    20ml baking powder
    40ml cocoa powder
    250ml warm water
    5ml vanilla essence
    2 large eggs,
    beaten 62ml
    sunflower oil 90g
    dark chocolate, broken into pieces
    15-25ml evaporated milk, or cream
I quickly checked and to my relief I had all the ingredients at home. I felt my luck was smiling on me.
I had to buy time to finish my cake or make a realistic attempt to finish it . So I served the dessert and got down to preparing to cook.
It was a four step process and I embarked upon the relatively easy first step of greasing the tray.
The second step involved mixing all the ingredients that is the flour, castor sugar, baking powder and 2ml salt together. I mixed the cocoa powder with the warm water until smooth then added the vanilla essence. Added the eggs and oil and mixed everything well. All this process was simple and did not take very long.
Now it was the time to proceed to the third step of pouring the mix into the pan. As it was also the time for me to finish the baking.
By this time my guests were midway through the dessert and I was not sure if my cooking experiment would get completed in time. To buy time I put on the kettle to make some tea and simultaneously put the microwave safe baking pan in the microwave .
I set the temperature to the max as given in the instructions and joined my guests for the dessert.
In a few minutes time as the tea got made I served it to my boss and his wife. Just than the timer of the microwave went off and I excused myself to examine my experiment in cooking.
I used a knife to check if the cake was baked properly. I was pleased to find that when I pulled out the knife it came out clean indicating that it was properly baked.
Now was the ultimate test for me to see if the cake can be taken out without breaking it. With a baited breath I turned it onto a plate and the cake came out clean .
I served the fresh cake to my boss and his wife who liked it a lot.
My 10 minute recipe had passed the test.

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