Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Getting in the fast lane of life with Airtel 4G

When I think of 4G I think of speed and people like me who want everything fast in life be it success, promotion or moving up in life  are bound to crave for a higher speed of the internet as we constantly multitask on our mobiles,laptops and desktops . So the promise or shall I say the challenge of a fastest internet that Airtel is offering makes me wonder is it a mere hype ? or is it actually true? I crave for a faster internet speed specially when I want to watch the youtube videos. I find the endless buffering kills the joy of watching a video on youtube. I have been so frustrated with the never ending buffering that I have ended up removing the youtube app from my mobile device . The best test even before a viewing a movie would be to try and download the youtube app itself . The good thing about Airtel 4G is the #Airtel4GSpeedTest.To perform this test one has to send a twitter message to Airtel in the format @airtelindia #Airtel4GSpeedTest <Name of the App> .By sending this tweet one can find the time required to download the app on 2G, 3G and 4G networks. So I sent airtel the message @airtelindia #Airtel4GSpeedTest youtube. In a jiffy I got the message which read (https://twitter.com/airtelindia/status/630823755732938752)

Wow downloading an app in just 14 sec in 4G as compared to 1 min 36 sec in 3G and 60 minute in 2G looks a very sweet promise but will this estimate live up to the expectation? Let me put it to test.
I open the play store and it opens in a jiffy as if I am browsing a local file from my desktop. I search for the you tube app and the search page immediately shows up the youtube app. So much for fast browsing let me test the download speed. I start downloading and start monitoring it . Surprise surprise it did complete downloading the app in 14 seconds on a 4G network. When I open a full fledged movie even that plays very smoothly and I feel the experience to be as smooth as watching it on TV. I am sure that this 4G network will make the experience of watching live sports events such as cricket matches very smooth and enjoyable experience.
Wait! Just as the movie buff and the sports fan inside me is beginning to enjoy the promise of fast 4G internet offered by Airtel, the skeptic in me once again raised its head and reasoned. “Youtube and movies is one thing . How about apps such as games that take a long time to download ? How about putting the #Airtel4GSpeedTest to the ultimate test by downloading a game”
So this time I chose a 3d car racing game and tweeted to AIRTELINDIA in the format @airtelindia #Airtel4GSpeedTest Fast Racing 3D. Soon I got a reply
https://twitter.com/airtelindia/status/630832460629192704 which looked like this

“Downloading a game in 14 sec on a 4G network in India!!! .Are you kidding me?” The skeptic in me once again spoke up sarcastically. It was time to test these results once again. I started downloading the game and waited for it to get completed. The wait this time was short and sweet. As promised by the test result the game was completely downloaded in 14 seconds ( Yes you read it right fourteen seconds and there is no typo here) And soon I was playing and enjoying the game.
With all the doubts cleared I am satisfied with the fast speed of the Airtel 4G network is sufficient for all my downloads and surfing the internet. Everything is smoother and faster. I am still using the #Airtel4GSpeedTest @airtelindia #Airtel4GSpeedTest <Name of the App> . However now it is to show off and boast to my friends and colleagues how fast my internet browsing and downloading is.
I have tested the speed of Airtel 4G and I am loving it. For those who do not have a Airtel 4G SIM, I share a simple trick to get on the Airtel 4G bandwagon. Just SMS #GetAirtel4G and Airtel would send a free 4G SIM to you. Can getting a 4G connection get any easier ?

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