Saturday, 28 November 2015

bypass "Device not compatible" error message in Google Play Store

Every time you buy a new smart phone it gives you a feel good factor.However even before the shine has gone off there are other models that come to the market and at times you just want to look away from that bigger screen model or the octacore model for you do not want to buy a new phone every few weeks.Then a day comes in the life of your smart phone when you want to install an app on the smart phone and when you press the install button on the play store and a message pops up that the app is not compatible with your phone. Then you realize that the android operating system which was the latest at the time you purchased your phone has become old so the newer apps cannot be installed on your android smart phone. You cannot just junk the phone because it would not let you download a game or install an app so what do you do?
I have an easy solution that works in most cases. This is a method that bypasses the warning that the app is not compatible with your phone. This is a method that I use for android apps

Step 1)
Visit on a desktop PC or laptop

Step 2) In another tab or window of browser open

Step 3)go back to the tab/window in which you have opened
Search and identify the app you want to install .
Right click on the address bar and copy its address url

Step 4) Paste this field in the filed named package name or google play url
Click generate download link

Step 5) Click on download to save file to desktop or laptop
Step 6) Attach this file in email and send it to the gmail that you access on the mobile you want to install the app on
Step 7) Open the received mail on the mobile device and download the attachment.
After the download is completed the app will get installed on the mobile phone or device.

With this simple method one can install the app on the mobile even when the app is said to be incompatible.

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