Friday, 12 February 2016

Just another Fantastico Space time travel

Navigating my way through the thick jungle I found myself at the cross roads. I pulled out the map that I had carefully folded and kept in my pocket and checked if I was going in the right direction. Normally one follows the electronic devices but double checking is a standard procedure we follow in space time travel and I wanted to be doubly sure that I was heading in the right direction. After all I was a couple of light years away from my planet and a slight error in navigation from my side could easily cause me to lose my way and this is the last thing one wants when you are far away from home. Suddenly I heard the sound of a musical instrument playing some distance away. I could not figure out what it was but it was strikingly familiar. I headed in its direction to check from where it was coming. Slowly I navigated my way through the rocky terrain. With each step the sound of music got a bit louder. What was it and who was playing it was a mystery that I was determined to unravel. Then suddenly there was a pause and I felt I was lost in the middle of no where. For times like these I always keep my trusted navigation console handy and strapped to my wrist. It indicated that I was headed in the right direction. Just as the music had stopped it began again though this time from another direction and it had a strange magnetic impact on me that I felt drawn towards it. My mind tried to reason me out of following it but my heart edged /egged me to follow and reach the source of the fantastico performance.
My heart reasoned that what could be dangerous about such a pleasant,Peppy and soothing piece of music but my mind thought that it knew better for even the Venus fly trap is so beautiful yet it draws the insects within its fold only to consume them . This was not my first journey as a time traveler and I had seen many a strange creatures and phenomenon in these voyages that are so far away even from the wildest imagination .Yet the curiosity of unraveling the mystery was drawing me to follow the music. All along this time I was keeping a track of the pattern of music which would stop every now and then.
Every time I would feel that I have reached the source of the music and then it would stop. I would invariably feel like clapping in appreciation of the Fantastico performance but there was no orchestra present or not at least visible to the naked eye. Even the proximity sensors mounted on my body suit only mildly pointed towards the presence of a living form. Such mild indications can be due to artifacts in the aura of celestial bodies and we as a time traveler need to be careful as these artifacts in the area can cause a ripple effect in our aura and drastically alter the rate of change of our age when we are bending time and moving speeds much faster then the speed of light and closer to speed of thought, Technically we could go much faster but safety procedures prevent us from doing so unless there is an emergency of some sort.
Then I realized that I was following some kind of a musical pattern. Was this a symphony that I was completing ? Or was this some kind of a musical key that would unlock the doorway to a passage was a question topmost on my mind. Then I passed through what we would describe as a waterfall on earth but passing through it was like going into a bottomless abyss and even though I had my bodysuit on it felt that I was surrounded in a cocoon of golden light and instead of falling down this cocoon was making me float and take a certain path. I knew there was no going back from here for me then I heard a sound that appeared as spoken words and when I tried to look in that direction I got a very big surprise….

(Excerpts from the diary of a thetimetraveler)
To be contd...

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