Saturday, 20 February 2016

Love Breakup and business in times of Odd and Even

As the odd even driving rule was imposed in Delhi there were many effects some expected and some entirely bizarre. So when the rule states that on odd days odd numbered vehicles would ply and on even days even numbered vehicles would be driven it got a lot of varied types of reactions from people and here are some not so common ones
Breakup with girlfriend ~ The odd and even rule has made my friend  really upset. The reason is that both he and his girl have even numbered cars and on odd days his girlfriend teams up with her Ex to drive her to work and bring her back home too. When he asked her why her ex  only from all the people.She felt that a known Devil is better then unknown and even before my friend could feel relieved that his girlfriend had referred to her Ex. as devil she added and he is not such a bad guy after all. So why does she not use public transport, metro or take an auto or taxi? Good question but I would save that answer for slightly later in the post
New Alliances have formed formed: based on the  new found odd even compatibilities, new buddiess were found and new alliances forged. So don't be surprised if you found profile posts on dating sites saying I am a TDH tall dark and handsome guy looking for a date. Since I am having a car with odd numbered car.So kindly only those interested and having even numbered cars may respond. The same could be the case with matrimonial adds Required a match for well educated and well settled boy age 25 caste no bar,no dowry. The boy drives an Even numbered car so only those girls who have an odd numbered car may respond. Boy keen on very early marriage as there are no DTC buses plying from his home to his office.

Matrimonial matches: Even the uncles and aunties of prospective brides and grooms started looking for suitable matches with the added odd and even compatibility factor to solemnize an alliance.

So much so for business of life the news of odd even scheme was music to the ears of the auto and taxi drivers as if they had got a license to fleece the hapless passengers the way they wanted . The public at large being at the mercy of these guys. The share prices of companies selling CNG , CNG kits soared as people rushed to get the CNG kits fitted to their cars.
So coming back to the question of my friend and his girlfriend as to why she did not take the public transport or the metro? Well because there is no last mile connectivity. In simple terms what it means is for a lot of people who want to use the metro or the public transport the travel is not as smooth as it should be. There are no feeder buses or shuttles to take a person from outside his home to the metro and once you get down at the desired stop again the lack of public transport from the metro station to their desired destination. Hence one is left at the mercy of the auto and taxi wallas who have a free hand and behave in a lot of if not in all cases as if they are above law.

My friends girlfriend still prefers to travel with her ex as her mother still gets worried when she is is traveling by public transport and gets delayed perhaps the mark of being a not very friendly city for women has not yet been erased. There are more CCTV cameras but what about our moral responsibilities I would keep civic sense out of this discussion as there are things that we Indians are supposed to do and say in public but when it comes to civic sense we are not trained to even think about that but who knows like a dormant gene that too may decide to express itself perhaps if the government and administration puts a tax or a penalty for not using it.

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