Wednesday, 17 February 2016

On going to school

As long as a child is within the precincts of his home he or she feels comfortable and protected. The child is secure within the surroundings which are quite familiar and well known to him or her. Not yet exposed to the outside world the child is happy and content with all the attention he or she gets from the mother, father and grandparents. But as soon as the child turns of school going age every thing changes. A new world opens up before him or her, a world that may not be friendly.
I had grown up being cuddled by my maternal grand father. I used to enjoy tapping my feet to the peppy music which was my grand father’s favorite. I was not familiar with what school stood for. I only knew that it meant a new bag, a set of new books with colorful pictures and what attracted me the most was the box of pencils and the sharpener.
My father had been posted abroad and when we returned to India the new session had already started. My parents were in a dilemma and were afraid that if I did not get admission now I would be wasting a whole year. My grandfather discussed this with his friend who was associated with one of the leading schools of south Delhi. He put in a word to the administration and I got admission to one of the most prestigious schools in south Delhi.
A set of school dresses were bought and also a beautiful school bag containing books, copies, pencils, eraser and a sharpener. I was super excited. So far it seemed so good but now next day was going to be the testing time for me. My mother escorted me till my class. A fear gripped me as I found myself surrounded by a sea of faces who were all strangers. I gripped my mothers hand and the navigation through that mass of faces took some time as we moved towards my class. Then my mother stopped at a door. We were made welcome by a smiling face who was my class teacher. Panic gripped me as my mother turned to leave. Seeing my fear the teacher who had the kindest loving eyes guided me into the class and introduced me to every one there. She assured me that I would love my time in the school as it would be a fantastico experience for me. She guided me to a desk which she told me would be my special one reserved for me only. I lost much of my fear as I glanced around the class and met many smiling glances. It did not take much time for me to settle down and I made quite a few friends. Then it was time for lunch which was indeed a fantastico experience for me as we all sat down on the floor and were served a lip smacking lunch. The time flew fast and then I saw my mother waiting for me outside the class. The teacher told me to go out to my mother and go home. On reaching home my mother told me that the teacher had asked her to come to school early as it was my first day at school. This is how my school life started a day which is still fresh in my mind.

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