Friday, 12 February 2016

The little girl at the cookie shop

Sometimes we come across total strangers whom we do not know yet they do small gestures that touch our lives. I was passing through Harbour Front Centre in Singapore on my way to taking a Cruise to Malaysia. As it was time for the Chinese new year nice peppy music was playing and the shops were decked up with all kinds of fancy decorations in preparation to welcome the new year which happens to be the year of the monkey. I had my luggage with me. As there was still some time I was going through the various displays at the shops at the mall. As I had quite a lot of luggage there was little point in stopping at any shop to buy anything, Though there were quite a few deals and offers going on because of the Chinese New Year. As I passed by the bread shops I was enticed by the aroma of freshly baked bread that made my stomach churn and indicated that there was a bit of space in my tummy for the freshly baked breads. However that was not the only attraction. 5 pastries for SG$ 5 seemed another enticing proposition that I had to duck as I had no place to carry these fantastico goodies as my hands were already full pushing my strolley bags towards the cruise centre. The directional arrows were useful aids which helped me in navigation towards my destination.
Then I passed by a cookie shop which had plastic jars filled with freshly baked cookies. I looked away as I was in no position to carry any additional luggage on my trip.As I passed by the door of the shop I found a little girl standing there who was holding a jar of the cookies and extended her hand so that I could sample one . I looked at the little girl and she smiled and asked me to try some cookies .I must admit that the aroma coming out of that box was very enticing and hard to resist but I did not want to give the girl any false hopes that I am going to buy the cookies as I had no place to keep them. So I told her that I had so much luggage that I would not be able to carry the jar of cookies with me. She did not seem to mind the fact that she had not made a sale. Yet in the spirit of the Chinese New Year she insisted that I try the cookies. I picked one up and the cookie was warm to touch perhaps still fresh from the oven. I took a bite and indeed it tasted divine. With a gooey center the fresh cookie game me a live demonstration of what melt in your mouth means.I have tried quite a few varieties of cookies however these, I must confess were the best cookies I had in Singapore.
Incidentally on my way back from the cruise trip. I took the same route. This time my sister was walking ahead of me.As she passed the cookie shop the same young girl extended a jar of cookies for my sister to sample. As my sister picked one. The little girl at the cookie shop pointed towards me and asked my sister to take one cookie for me also. On both occasions she did not try to hard sell her cookies. I thought that she was a school going kid standing in for her parents and that is just what my sister felt as well and upon inquiring this very shy girl who did not talk much told my sister that she was 18 years of age! We were both surprised to hear that. Before moving on we did buy a box of cookies from her but what still remains to be answered for me is the question that what caused us to buy that box of cookies. Was it the taste and aroma alone or the seemingly unassuming nature and hospitality of the little shy girl or shall I say young lady had sold us the box of cookies.
Whatever the reason I am still writing the post sitting in another part of the world about that girl and I even do not know her name!
So if you are in Singapore or plan to be there anytime soon and if you wanna try some of the yummiest cookies in Singapore then head to HarbourFront Centre(yellow or purple line via MRT) .

If you walk out of MRT and pass by the information centre then follow the arrows that take you towards cruise centre You would find a shop selling cookies next to the body shop. This cookie shop does not have a name board .However you would find this little girl at the shop smiling and offering you a cookie to sample.

                                (This is the cookie shop and the girl can be seen in the backdrop)

 (I did want to take a picture of her but she is a very shy person and I did not want to click her without her permission but she did allow me to click her hand holding the cookie jar)

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