Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Thank you Mom for being with me and for me always

Dear Mother from the time that I was born you have always been there for me and with me. Cuddling me when I needed your love and assurance .Holding me when I needed your support and showing me the way when I needed your guidance. I am a live example of the fact as to what an amazingly comfortable life a child has when he has a mother like you by his or her side. You always took extreme care of me and fulfilled all my needs.
Taking me to school and walking back holding an umbrella over me to protect me from the blistering Sun was a daily chore for you and despite having so much work you always took time out for me never complaining. You were there for me in happy times and even when I fell ill you spent countless nights sitting by my side as you tried to make me sleep.
I still remember my efforts to ride a bicycle were not leading me anywhere and I had almost given up. It was you who took the responsibility to teach me how to ride a bicycle. You would hold the bicycle from behind and prevent me from falling.
You walked with me step by step supporting me always. You taught me to see the silver lining in every dark cloud.When I did not get good marks you showed me short cuts to remember and understand. Even tough office situations could be resolved with your sound advice. You are my Mentor,Guide and Inspiration who showed me how to find my path. You have always inspired me to find my own path and set my own goals and achieve them. You are the one who has always inspired me to lead rather then follow. Whenever I am in a tight spot and do not know how to handle a situation. I ask myself as to how you would have resolved the situation and Bingo the issue gets resolved in a jiffy.
I still remember when I could not make it to the class cricket team I got really disappointed and thought of giving up the sport. You on the other hand advised me to follow my passion and keep practicing and prove my mettle in the next selection. You were so confident about my ability that even without knowing if I would get selected you baked a cake to celebrate my getting selected and I got it as a pleasant surprise on returning home after being selected. During the days when I used to have my exams you would stay up awake all night with me . Giving me Tea,Coffee,Milk and snacks so that I may be able to study well.
Now it is time for me to look after you and take care of all your needs. This would be my way of saying a thank you for being always with me and taking care of me.

This is what I feel about my mom

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