Wednesday, 16 March 2016

When Kanha Came to Play Holi

Is Holi a festival played only with colors? Think again. Here are the images of Holi celebrations with flowers.
"Phoolon Ke Sang Holi"  Maha Raas Natya Leela of Radha-Krishna

    When the beautiful Radha comes calling Who can refuse the call of Divine Love?

     She is not alone the Gopi's sing and dance along waiting for their beloved Kanha to come

    So Krishna Decides to come and join the Divine Dance -Hare Krishna

    So the divine message is you may be Radha or you may be a Gopi as long is your Love is pure and Divine you will get your Kanha- Hare Krishna.
This is Holi Celebration @ Mandakini Enclave Alaknanda New Delhi
Celebrate the Cheer of Holi and Spread Divine Love as you share this Post with family & Friends
                                                ~Happy Holi

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