Friday, 3 June 2016

Datsun redi-GO the ultimate Urban Cross

What does every car lover like me dreams of ? that he or she would be free to explore paths less traveled. Drive to untraveled terrains. So to fulfill this dream you need a car that is sporty and fun to drive perhaps what you dream of is a car that conforms to the crossover design. What if you could get that crossover design in an urban hatchback? No do not rub your eyes you are not dreaming.  The all new Datsun redi-GO is here and it is just that an urban cross that offers Fun , Freedom and Confidence. To see if it stands firm on this promise I have to take it for a test drive.
So why would I choose it over other cars for a test drive?
To begin with look at its styling.
Its elegant
The Daytime Running Lamps immediately catch my attention. 


Now this is a feature I have seen in very high end cars. I have seen these big cars move past me and the daytime running lamps make them look so cool. So just to be seen in a car with Daytime Running Lamps would be a feature for which I would take it to all the parties I go to and it is sure to become a conversation starter.
However the car is not just about looks it is a performer from the stable of Datsun cars which has a long history of making cars that are not just good to look at but are also safe comfortable and stand out from other brands. I am surely going to look good in such a trendy car.
I am keen to drive it so that I may experience firsthand its I-SAT ENGINE.
Now the I-SAT technology is the Intelligent Spark Automated Technology and what is does is that it controls the rate of sparking based on the fuel quality and the power requirement? Thus every ride is knocking free and very smooth.
It also comes with a fuel efficiency of 25.17 km/L.

 What makes me so keen about this car is the fact that it has a small turning radius of just  4.7 metre. 


So the narrow lanes and the by lanes would not be able to deter me from driving and parking in any part of the city and I would be experiencing a new freedom on the roads to try this I would like to drive to and explore all the hot spots of my city.
Now we live in a country where we need and use the car airconditioner practically throughout the year and this is just the reason why the air conditioner is and should be effective and well worth checking when we take a test drive. The all new Datsun redi-GO comes with a large 89 CC compressor that has a high cooling capacity so whatever the weather outside, the occupants of the car would feel comfortable inside. This is possible due to the precisely calculated air circulation  An additional attractive feature of the air condition incorporated in the all new Datsun redi-GO is the fact that car has an aluminum compressor assembly and an integrated center AC vent that ensures that 50 % of the air is circulated to the rear seat passengers.So now the weather would never be a constraint in driving and exploring new places with my friends.
That’s not all , the all new Datsun redi-GO has a host of features like
drive computer 
power windows
sporty and comfortable interiors that makes it an interesting car to check our and take a test drive.All you need to do to take a test drive is ...
Download the Datsun India app to book your own Datsun redi-GO, today.
You can also book India's first urban cross online, through Snapdeal - India’s leading e-commerce website, or by visiting your nearest Datsun dealership.

Fun. Freedom. Confidence. The ultimate Urban Cross - Datsun redi-GO - the capability of a crossover with the convenience of a hatchback.

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