Friday, 15 July 2016

Stress free Tax return filling with H&R block

Filling a tax return is the responsibility of every citizen of the country. On one hand the money we pay as taxes strengthens the hands of the government which uses our tax money towards nation building activities. It is with our tax money that roads and bridges are built and other infrastructure projects are undertaken.
Apart from this the act of filing our return enhances our financial prospects.
Take for instance 2 people A & B who go to a bank for taking a home loan.
A files his tax returns and B does not. Now one of the papers the bank would ask for as part of  the loan application process is your copy of the income tax return. Person A who files his tax return is able to furnish this document. He gets the loan with which he buys or builds a house in which he lives happily ever after. Person B on the other hand has no ITR to furnish so he returns back empty handed.

It is not just the case of taking a loan. Filing of tax return reflects positively on the financial health of an individual in more than one ways.

Let us take another situation. Both A & B want to go to a foreign country for let us say better career prospects or may be just for an excursion. When they apply for a VISA they are asked to attach a copy of the ITR. As usual person A has a copy of ITR and he gets the VISA and he is able to take the foreign trip where as person B again comes empty handed.

So now the question arises what is an easy way to file tax return. Instead of filing long forms and standing in endless queues to submit the forms one can opt for e-filing of our tax return with the help of H&R Block platform. This way we can take the help of a professional team who would take care of our tax filing needs making the process stress free for us.

 I’m taking the #TaxPledge to file IT returns with the easy Income Tax efiling option from H&R Block at BlogAdda.

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