Thursday, 29 September 2016

Listen To Your Heart

From the moment our heart begins to beat, it becomes our constant companion for the rest of our lives. However we seldom take any care of the organ that beats for us 24X7.Little do we realize that all it takes is a few #ChhoteKadam to keep it up to 50% healthier.

When life gets busy, prioritizing your health is a must..
6 Common Unhealthy Eating Habits that come in the way of keeping our heart healthy are.
Eating in front of the TV or computer
Eating when you are stressed, depressed or in a rush
Dining out (especially late dining)
Going grocery shopping while you’re hungry
Not being cautious of servings and portion sizes
Rewarding yourself with food

We put our jobs and other related commitments first, rather than health. We need to understand that our health is a priority and if we do not keep ourselves healthy, then we won’t be able to enjoy with our family and keep up with work targets. Goals should be realistic and fit into your lifestyle.

Eating Better so that the heart stays healthier.
Try healthy substitutes.
Instead of sugar, use a lower-calorie sugar substitute.
Use extracts like vanilla, almond and peppermint to add flavor, instead of sugar or butter. Use herbs and spices, like rosemary and cloves, to flavor dishes instead of butter and salt. Bake, grill or steam vegetables instead of frying, instead of whole milk or heavy cream, substitute low-fat or fat-free/skim milk. Prepare vegetables, eat a balanced meal. Eating your veggies will ensure you get the nutrients you need and will help fill you up so you don’t overload on the foods your body needs less of, such as rolls, stuffing and pie.

Staying Active is a very important step to keep your heart healthy.
Increase physical activity. Go for a family walk after each meal or gathering. Play catch with your kids. Take just 40 minutes for yourself and go to the gym to release endorphin's your body needs to stay healthy. Keep stress to a minimum. Plan ahead  with time management. Focus on one thing at a time.
Taking  out time to relax. Get enough sleep. Quality of sleep can impact your hearts health. Life is a balancing act, but your health should always come first. Now is the time to build heart-healthy habits. That means living a healthy lifestyle, including eating healthy, getting lots of physical activity and a full night’s sleep. Long-term stress causes an increase in heart rate and blood pressure that may damage the arterial walls. Learn helpful stress management techniques for you to reduce stress at work or to reduce stress at home in order to soothe your mind and body. These techniques include deep breathing exercises, daily meditation and finding time each day to do something you enjoy. Find physical activities you enjoy and stick with them. Jogging and yoga are great activities to keep you heart healthy. Regular heart screenings are important for maintaining a healthy heart.
Being Happy is also important for the well being of your heart.
Being Happy enhances the quality of you life and makes the heart healthier.
Just like food is a necessity in our life so is “Being Happy”
We must make an effort to stay in a happy state of mind. If we are happy then we are positive and this gives our immune system a boost. It increases our disease fighting capability.
Things that can do to be and remain happy are as follows.
List the things that give you happiness
It could reading, going out with friends, Playing a musical instrument, taking part in dramatics or theatre or any other activity that involves you positively and gives an outlet for your emotions to keep you happy.


 “I am joining the Saffolalife #ChhoteKadam initiative in association with BlogAdda and follow these small steps for a healthy heart.”

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